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Paxum Inc is a Canadian Incorporated company offering a secure ewallet payment service. Enjoy Global Payroll Solutions, E-commerce solutions, send money online and receive money online instantly! PLUS access your Paxum ewallet funds IMMEDIATELY worldwide! Enjoy our blog and please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions and comments with us!


Paxum customer support is available 24/7


Toll Free - 1-866-347-4781

Direct Line - 1.212.500.1885
24/7 automated services.
9am-8pm EST live customer support.

Fax: 1-267-295-7389

On-Site Customer Support Form - CLICK HERE

If you're seeking a payroll solution for your business and need some help with any questions you may have, please feel free to contact any of our Sales Managers directly:

Ruth Blair - ruth@paxum.com
Chris Youngs - chris@paxum.com
Denis (fluent in Russian) - denis@paxum.com

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