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Paxum Inc is a Canadian Incorporated company offering a secure ewallet payment service. Enjoy Global Payroll Solutions, E-commerce solutions, send money online and receive money online instantly! PLUS access your Paxum ewallet funds IMMEDIATELY worldwide! Enjoy our blog and please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions and comments with us!


Do you sell goods or services online?

Are you looking for a fast easy way to accept sales?

Do you want to deliver your goods/services immediately upon payment?

Are you selling subscriptions or memberships?

Would you prefer to be able to access your incoming funds instantly?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, then you'll be thrilled to learn about the Paxum E-commerce options available to you as a Paxum ewallet account holder!

Pay Now Buttons

For those Paxum clients who have goods and/or services to sell online, the Paxum Pay Now Buttons can seriously make a difference! Adding the Paxum Pay Now payment option is fast and easy with our dynamic HTML.

Set up a Pay Now Button and any customer who clicks through will be able to pay you instantly from their own Paxum account, delivering the funds immediately to your Paxum account.

The dynamic code for Pay Now Buttons can be found through our Developers documentation. You can adjust the code to your own preferences relating to the goods/services you have for sale.

You can test the button by sending a payment through your own Paxum account if you desire.

If for any reason you need to refund a customer, we also have an easy to use REFUND button in place that immediately returns the funds to your customer.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

It's easy to setup recurring payments through your Paxum account. This is ideal for monthly subscriptions, or other regular payments such as site memberships.

Once again we provide you with a simple way to get setup for this option, simply view our documentation and get started straightaway!

Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

In conjunction with our Pay Now Buttons you can also use the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) application we have available to connect your received payments to your database of goods for instant/automated delivery.

The IPN is easy to set up, and as you'd expect we provide detailed documentation so you can easily accomplish this.

Another great feature of Paxum is the fact that you can gain access to your funds IMMEDIATELY through the Paxum Credit Card. Once you've received a payment to your Paxum ewallet account you can easily transfer it to your Paxum Card and withdraw those funds within minutes, anywhere in the world!

How's that for convenience?!

Get in touch with us, or share your thoughts by commenting on this page, and let's get you setup with Paxum!

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