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Paxum Inc is a Canadian Incorporated company offering a secure ewallet payment service. Enjoy Global Payroll Solutions, E-commerce solutions, send money online and receive money online instantly! PLUS access your Paxum ewallet funds IMMEDIATELY worldwide! Enjoy our blog and please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions and comments with us!


When you're dealing with sending and receiving money online you want to make sure that you have as much security available as possible.

At Paxum we understand the urgency in providing a safe, secure environment where you can access your account and complete whatever transactions you wish to make with total peace of mind.

Your security is our #1 priority, and that's why we've implemented some additional security features for your ongoing protection.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

When you visit Paxum.com you will always be able to know that you are on the correct site by viewing the GREEN Address bar showing the Extended Validation SSL. This Security Certificate proves that Paxum uses the highest encryption available. It's validity also proves that you are definitely on the Paxum site, so you can easily avoid Phishing attempts. Just click the certificate in the address bar to view the details!

Transaction Approval Codes

Transaction Approval Codes are issued to your email address as soon as your account is verified within the Paxum system. By default, Transaction Approval Codes are switched on, however it is easy to switch them off if you prefer.

Transaction Approval Codes add another layer of protection against hackers. If for some unfortunate reason your Paxum password is hacked and someone else manages to gain access to your account they will be prevented from sending your funds elsewhere if you have Transaction Approval Codes switched on.

When Transaction Approval Codes are switched on for your account, each and every time you go to complete a transaction within your Paxum account, you will be asked to reference the Code Grid you received via email to confirm you are the actual owner of the account.

Though this feature does require a little more time to complete your online transactions, the fact that any unauthorized access to your account will not result in any financial loss is definitely a plus!

Login Protection

Another way to avoid phishing attempts is to utilize the Login Protection feature available for every Paxum ewallet account. To activate Login Protection for your account, simply upload a secret photo to your secure Paxum account admin.

This picture will then be displayed on your computer EVERY time you try to access and login to your Paxum account. If the picture is wrong then you'll know the site is definitely not Paxum! You can access this feature under the Security Tab in your Paxum ewallet payment service account admin.

Access By IP

The BEST way to ensure only YOU can access your Paxum account is to restrict access based on IP. This is easy to do with Paxum. Simply insert the appropriate IP address into your secure Paxum ewallet account admin and from that point on only users from the specified IP address will be able to login to your account!


Customer Reputation

Customer Reputation is a fairly new feature that allows Paxum clients to 'Rate' other Paxum clients they do business with. By default this is set to 'Very Bad Reputation' so that you can send payments to everyone without restrictions. NB: Your setting can be easily adjusted within your Paxum account admin under the Security - Reputation Level section.

Each time you send a payment to a Paxum client that is over $100 USD you will have the opportunity to rate the transaction from 1 to 5; 5 being Very Good and 1 being Very Bad. Ratings are compiled from these submissions to generate an appropriate rating for those clients who have been rated. If no customer reputation ratings have ever been submitted then there is simply no rating for that customer.

You can Search Reputation for a specific person based on their Paxum email address, allowing you to view their Customer Reputation before doing business with them. This feature is available under Security >>> Search Reputation within your Paxum ewallet account admin.

Whitelist Feature - If you wish to make payments to certain people regardless of their Customer Reputation, but you still want to implement a restriction then you can easily add 'always safe' addresses to your Paxum Whitelist. This is also available within the Security section of your Paxum account.

As always, please share your thoughts and suggestions with us. W're always listening and we're constantly striving to deliver the ultimate ewallet payment service for your financial needs.

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