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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Paxum Tutorial: Creating Buy/Pay Now Buttons

All Paxum account holders have the option to set up Buy/Pay Now buttons, whether you have a business or personal account.

Buy/Pay Now buttons are VERY EASY to setup with the straightforward form found within your Paxum Account Control Panel.

Sell goods and services online and be paid instantly through this versatile Paxum feature!

Let's begin!

Paxum Tutorial: Creating Buy/Pay Now Buttons

  1. Login to your Paxum Account Control Panel
  2. Go to Merchant Services >>> My Saved Buttons
  3. Click 'Add New Buttons' and the form will load.
  4. Fill out the form:
  5. 'Button Type' - Select Buy Now for regular buttons or Subscriptions if you would like to set up a recurring subscription/payment button.
  6. 'Email Address to receive payments' - From the dropdown menu, select the appropriate email address where you wish to receive payment.
  7. 'Item ID' - This field is optional and provided for easier management of your inventory with your own system.
  8. 'Item Name' - This is how your customers will see your Item listed when they click your Buy/Pay Now button. You may use up to 150 characters.
  9. 'Price/Billing Amount' - The cost of your item.
  10. 'Shipping' - Add any applicable Shipping fees here. (only displays for Buy Now option)
  11. 'Tax' - If you have to add taxes to your Item insert the tax percentage (%) here. (only displays for Buy Now option)
  12. 'Billing Frequency' - Select from the dropdown how often you wish to recur the payment. (only displays for Subscription option)
  13. 'Continue Billing until' - There are three options here; 1) number of transfers (ie specify # transfers and then stop billing); 2) specific date; 3) user cancelled subscription. Select the appropriate one for the subscription you are selling (only displays for Subscription option)
  14. 'Button Text and Appearance' - Here you can choose to use the Predefined Button we provide (Buy Now/Pay Now/Subscribe), or your own button image. Should you select your own button image then you must be able to provide a hyperlink to the URL of the button image you wish to use.
  15. 'Button Custom Fields' - Here you can add additional fields to your button. Options include Text, Email, Number, Date and Time.
  16. 'Button Advanced Features' - A series of Yes/No options for Quantity, Special Instructions and Shipping.
  17. 'Take Customers to this URL when they Cancel their checkout' - Sometimes customers cancel just as they're about to pay. Take control of where your customers will be taken when they do by specifying a URL in this space.
  18. 'Take Customers to this URL when they Finish their checkout' - Redirect your customers to the URL of your choice. This is the perfect place to display any other goods/services you may have on offer; special discounts; etc.
  19. 'Advanced Variables' - Add variables to your button code such as delivering the payment information directly to your back end servers through our handy IPN (instant payment notification), and more. Feel free to customize your button.
  20. That's it! You're done! Now Click 'Create Button'.
  21. You will now be taken back to the Merchant Services >>> My Saved Buttons section of your Paxum Account Control Panel. You can see your freshly added button listed in the menu. You can choose to 'View Code', 'Edit', or 'Delete'.
  22. Clicking 'View Code' will take you to a page where you can easily copy the HTML code for the Paxum Pay Now Button you have just created. 'Edit' allows you to make additional changes. 'Delete' removes the button from your list.
That's it! You're all set!

You can also create Buy/Pay Now buttons through dynamic HTML. You will find more information under the Developers section of the Paxum site.

We hope this helps! Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions and thoughts with us and other readers of this blog by posting a comment below! :)

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