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Friday, April 29, 2011

Add Funds To Your Paxum Account: Checks

You can fund your Paxum account in a variety of ways; from wires to checks, ACH/EFT if you're in the US, and P2P payments for everyone!

This blog entry features the ability to add funds to your Paxum ewallet account through the Check method.

Fees involved in this option are $25 USD for Business accounts, and $5 USD for Personal accounts.

Simply visit ADD FUNDS inside your Paxum Account Admin and specify how much you will be submitting. After you insert the information you will be provided with instructions on where to mail your check payment so that we can deposit the funds into your Paxum account.

Please Note: We do not accept regular checks but only certified checks, international money orders, cashiers checks, and tellers checks.

Check funds are deposited immediately to your Paxum account upon receipt of the check itself. You may send your checks to us through any postal service you desire.

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