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Friday, April 15, 2011

Picture ID Expiration Date Requested

When you next login to your Paxum ewallet account you may see a notification that you need to complete an update to your Identity Expiry Date. This is in relation to the picture ID that you uploaded for verification purposes.

Please provide the expiration date by clicking the link you see inside your Paxum Account Admin.

If your picture ID does NOT have an expiration date (some European Drivers Licenses and other ID's do not have expiry dates) then please insert TODAY'S date (whatever day you are visiting your account) and add TEN YEARS to the date.

ie:, today is April 15th, so if you were to update today you would simply insert April 15th 2021.

Please note: the above only applies to those picture ID's that do not have an expiry date. If your picture ID DOES have a valid expiration date, then please provide that as requested.

As always, we thank you in advance for your assistance! Please feel free to share your comments here.

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