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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Charitable Organizations - Welcome To Paxum!

Paxum is keen to assist non-profit organizations to be able to accept donations from anywhere in the world.

In keeping with this protocol, Paxum welcomes charitable non-profit organizations to signup for a business account and receive all the fees from every donation on top of the donation itself!

P2P fees are $0.25 for a personal client, and $1.00 for a business client. So for every personal donation, Paxum will add the $0.25 fee to the donation, and for every business donation, Paxum will add the $1.00 fee to the donation.

We don't just make it easy to get those funds exactly where they need to be to do the most good! We encourage all charitable organizations to add Paxum as a payment option so they too can partake of the benefits so many Paxum clients already enjoy.

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